Kwon Yun Bus, green snake, etc., etc.

Wagi Em Games (representative duties) said that the Virtual Reality (VR) technology enterprise attracted a new investment of W6bn. This investment is a scaffolding on the abstracts and plans to handle the metabus enterprise by hand.

The investment has participated in the comprehensive content enterprise green snake media (less than 6 billion won). In this investment, the Karnibus has achieved 28 billion won of cumulative investment, which is the largest in the domestic metaverse VR company.

First of all, the investment will continue to cooperate in a variety of areas, including contents production, such as a green feature, with a green field, with a green feature.

Stop Motion ASMR - Big Python eats Alligator Goldfish Koi Carp Cooking Experiment Unusual Under Mud

“The metabus that the one-melon is pursuing,” said the Metropolitan Bus, said, “We will release a comprehensive meta bus that covers medical, entertainment, and SNS.”

Meanwhile, Wagi Em Games’ affiliates The Chui Bus is a newly-launched District Developer Won Milnus and the first place in the world’s first-class graphics studio spring bus, and the newly launched domestic unique Life Connected Metabus specialized in the game, platform, virtual real estate, medical, Focus on the field of metabus such as meetings.

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