Overwatch 2 was “100 percent of the reason” for the limited support of the first game – Kaplan

Few changes to the same events, the development team ached as director Jeff Kaplan said.

When you have played oWatch In the first year they were overwhelmed by some new content that Blizzard added to the game. Summer Games, Junkenstein’s Revenge, Winter Wonderland, Chinese New Year, Uprising (later part of the archive) – These were some average to large timely events. In the last two years, these events were missing, apart from cosmetic resources and far less significant changes or additions, any new content.

Was oWatch 2, recently revealed at the BlizzCon 2019, the reason for this? According to director Jeff Kaplan this was “100 percent the reason” when he talked to Kotaku. And that was the reason why we were so looking forward to the announcement oWatch 2. We now feel that we can lead this open dialogue with the community: “This is what we do, so we do these things.” What explained why the team felt demoralized through the leaks.

He also said about how to offer the same events with little changes “pain” for the team. “I sit right next to one of the designers from Junkenstein’s Revenge – this brilliant type called Mike Heiberg – and he says: I have all these ideas that I want to do this year for Halloween., And I understand Mike, but we’re concentrating on the other. “So it’s hard for us.”

OWatch is still receiving new heroes and cards and when overtach 2 is available, it will also have all new visual improvements and functions. Of course, Legacy players also have access to all new heroes, cards and modes. “There will be a point where customers are together. We consider this important, especially as a competition experience. The whole idea is to avoid fragmenting the player base and give anyone a competitive advantage. When we play in the same competition pool, it is better if you have no better frame rate just because you use another version of the engine. “

Kaplan realized that the most exciting time will be when the continuation is completed. “The fact that we can catch up with this live service cadence, which we focus on 100 percent, is really exciting for me.” However, do not hold your breath – the company is probably on the BlizzCon 2020 But more about it Kaplan, however, previously said that he had “no idea” when oWatch 2 comes out.

OWatch 2 is currently in development for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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