Authors of Godfall already work on a new IP

Godfall in 2022 Review (In Defence of Godfall)
Counterplay Games , the developers behind _ Godfall _, are already working on a new IP, which will combine the genre of shooting with fantasy. Although the study has not yet revealed this information officially, VERYALI GAMING discovered a few work vacancies that made all these details known.

These vacancies do not offer as much information, but they confirm that this new game will arrive exclusively both at ps5 and xbox series x | s. This new proposal of counterplay will have a strong focus In the narrative, with emphasis on the characters, missions, and Lore. You will also have combat with elements of RPG and apparently, you will have a third-party gameplay. Additionally, the new game of counterplay will also have multiplayer elements.

Godfall It was certainly received with enough criticism, as well as its reduced version that debuted at PS Plus did not help too much with the image of the game and the study. We will see if the second attempt of Counterplay manages to give us an experience worthy of the new consoles, or we will have another case of failure in our hands.

Editor’s note: Godfall definitely had potential, but sadly many of his elements did not end up attracting people. Combining the Loot Shooting gender with a body-to-body combat may not be the best idea, as well as the enormous repetitiveness of the missions. But even so, I had several rescued elements.

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