Modern Warfare Get 3F3 Gunfight mode, patches and a weekly calendar

Infinity Ward continues to improve not only the quality of modern_guerre_ as a game, but also the community that surrounds it, by announcing some changes and methods of communication to come.

The game developer announced on their official website that the game will soon receive several modifications. The first is a new 3v3 version of their game mode, Gunfight. The base includes teams of two players fighting with random weapons and without reappearance. Last week, they released a specific 1V1 version of the mode and have now confirmed that they were working on a version to allow teams of three.

They also offer players more shipments of arms, Gunfight tournaments (something that has already been disclosed) and more XP events.

They also listed some of the known bugs on which they are currently working on the correction, namely:

  • Grounding lighting on various cards
  • Mission Collision on Cargo Containers
  • Platinum skins do not unlock properly
  • Off-map exploits in the soil war
  • Camouflages Platinum and Damascus shine while ADS

The list is only a taste of the things they are aware of and that they are working to correct, and advertisers connect it to what many of the community is the happiest of these ads: better communication.

Many players have expressed their frustration against the apparent lack of communication that Infinity Ward gave them, considering that the studio had become dark instead of responding to the concerns they had expressed. Infinity Ward previously expressed the desire to better communicate with the base of players, and they seem to make an effort to do it.

They announced a new Trello painting for the game where they list all known issues on which the development team works, allowing players to follow all the bugs.

Even more, Infinity Ward has established a simple weekly calendar for players to anticipate certain developer content:

  • Tuesday – Playlist Updates
  • Thursday – Journal des Developers and / or blog behind the scenes
  • Friday – Community Update Blog

Of course, they will also publish update notes for all game updates as soon as they leave.

Gunfight Mode is the Best Thing About Call of Duty Modern Warfare
There was no official date or schedule for the moment these updates will be published for the game, but the reaction of the game community was positive. The fact that the studio shows an effort to improve the lines of communication with the players gave the base a little more patience to wait for the actual updates of the game. They know at least that the work is in progress and that the Developers listen to them. Sometimes it’s all it takes for the community of a game to be satisfied.

Userre modern is now available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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