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  1. Worms w.M.D over 80% cheaper than Steam

  2. More weekend deals at GamesPlanet

  3. Discounts up to 90%: Lunar Sale at GamesPlanet

3.1. Devolver Lunar Sale

3.2. Hot Lunar Sale

  1. Worms W.M.D: 8 out of 10 in the PCG test

Sure, “Worms” is known in this country as one of the oldest cities in Germany, founded by the Celts and famous as Nibelungen- und Lutherstadt and for the Worms Cathedral.

From a global point of view, “Worms” is above all one of the most traditional game series in the world. Let’s start with the artillery game in 1995 reminiscent of the classic Lemmings in 1995 on the Amiga home computer. Implements for Game Boy, Atari Jaguar, Sega Mega Drive, PlayStation and Co. followed – just like more than 25 more games of the Worms series from the British Developer Team17.

At that time Team17 was a small English developer studio. Unlike the vast majority of gaming developers of the time, Team 17 did not arrive at any time, but was bought, but was always – especially by the Worms series – successfully enough to preserve the independence.

And not only: Today, TEAM17 Group is a stock corporation that turns game companies, most recently, the German Publisher Astragon known for its construction, bus and policy simulators, for 100 million euros. With Yooka-Laylee and Overcoooked joined Worms more world-famous brands. Most recently, Team17 was in the news because they did not even spend 48 hours after the announcement of the “Metaworms” -nft project.

Worms w.M.D over 80% cheaper than Steam

Only this weekend: Worms cheap as never Source: GamesPlanet with Worms WMD is only available this weekend (more precisely until 07.02. At 09:59 clock) one of the most up-to-date and best consequences of the worm-stitched cult series cheaper than ever before.

GamesPlanet calls narrow 5.50 euros, which are 82% less than, for example, currently paying at Steam. There Worms W.M.D. 29.99 euros. And according to our price comparison, the PC game has never been cheaper somewhere than GamesPlanet now.

Worms w.m.d (PC, Mac, Linux // Steam Key) for 5.50 euros at GamesPlanet.

Worms W.M.D for € 5.50 at GamesPlanet

More weekend deals at GamesPlanet

A Plague Tale Innocence: The great action adventure is already available for 11 euros at GamesPlanet. Source: PC Games Hardware In addition to Worms W.M.D there are other so-called Flash Deals, which only apply this weekend and offer a price saving of up to 77%. Partisans 1941 offers successful real-time tactic brand Commandos, where you take control of a group of Soviet partisans. Man plan and initiates fights, studies the environment and chooses the best position for the ambush. Even better in the PCG test (9/10) has truncated A Plague Tale: Innocence. The atmospheric scary dense action adventure grabs an emotional so really thanks to the exciting story.

  • Partisans 1941 (PC // Steam) for (-77%) 6,99 €
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (PC // Steam) for (-72%) 11,00 €

Discounts up to 90%: Lunar Sale at GamesPlanet

Devolver Lunar Sale: Discounts up to 90% at GamesPlanet. Source: GamesPlanet of the Lunar Sale – The first big discount action of the year for gamers – runs at GamesPlanet since the end of January. This weekend is one of the (actually like Team17) is not so very ordinary players. Humor is very important to devolver, and actually it rises very much from the often very serious gaming. Discounts of up to 90% are in it! Outer-selected indie highlights are also the focus at the Hot Lunar Sale.

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Devolver Lunar Sale

  • Inscryping (PC // Steam) for (-20%) 15,99 €
  • Loop Hero (PC // Steam) for (-40%) 8,99 €
  • Serious Sam 4 (PC // Steam) for (-60%) 15,99 €

  • Death’s Door (PC // Steam) for (-25%) 14,99 €
  • Metal Wolf Chaos XD (PC // Steam) for (-50%) 10,50 €
  • Carrion (PC, Mac, Linux // Steam) for (-40%) 11,99 €
  • Shadow Warrior 2 (PC // Steam) for (-90%) 3,70 €
  • Phantom Abyss (PC // Steam) for (-25%) 17,24 €

Hot Lunar Sale

  • RFactor 2 (PC // Steam) for (-75%) 7,50 €
  • Tormented Souls (PC // Steam) for (-25%) 14,99 €
  • Banners of Ruin (PC // Steam) for (-39%) 11,00 €
  • L.ess Planet Premier Edition (PC, Linux // Steam) for (-70%) 5,99 €
  • Aspire: Ina’s Tale (PC // Steam) for (-31%) 8,99 €
  • CAT QUEST II (PC // STEAM) for (-55%) € 6.75
  • NASCAR HEAT 5 (PC // STEAM) for (-60%) 6,72 €
  • Gal * Gun 2 (PC // Steam) for (-53%) 13,99 €

Lunar Sale with strong discounts at GamesPlanet

Worms W.M.D: 8 out of 10 in the PCG test

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