The Wolf Among US 2 shows first trailer

Top here you can see the first trailer of The Wolf Among US 2 . It will come out during the year 2023 for xbox one , xbox series x and s , PLAYSTATION 4 , PLAYSTATION 5 and PC .

At the event presented and announced by Geoff Keighley has re-presented (remember that teaser a couple of years ago) the sequel to one of the most laureate titles of TELLTALE GAMES , with a new video in-game that Let see what the game will be. It has not been revealed much more than we already knew, but they have confirmed that they will run at Unreal Engine, something that already warned in a recent interview with Game Report.

The Wolf Among Us 2 - First Trailer Reveal | PS5, PS4
Let’s review a little more, then, the details we already know. The script of the game is already written in its entirety, and the story of the sequel will resume the facts of the first The Wolf Among US six months after the cliffhanger that left us the first season. Of course, and following its usual formula, it will be divided into five new episodes that will be published periodically, with a story that will be developed during the New York winter. Apparently, in this installment we can learn more to Bigby, its protagonist, and we will have the possibility of exploring environments with greater freedom.

It is now possible to see, of course, if all these ingredients are in a sequel at the top of the first, and if this serves Telltha as a push to get back again.

The Wolf Among US 2 will be published during the year 2023 in xbox one , xbox series x and s , PLAYSTATION 4 , PLAYSTATION 5 and PC

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