Yen, Guild War 2 End of Dragons released on February 28

NC Soft (NC West) of NC Soft (Representative Kim Taekjin) is released in North America / Europe on the 28th (local standards), which is the new expansion pack of Guild Weaver 2.

Guild Wars 2 is a PC Online MMORPG (a multi-level role “game, which is made by Arenanet, a North American development studio of J. End of Dragon is the third expansion pack of Guild Wars 2, which is presented in 2015, followed by the ‘Heart of Thorns’, 2017, followed by ‘Pass of Fire’ in about five years.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Gameplay Features Trailer

NC West revealed a new trailer image with the release date. The main stage of the expansion pack, ‘Canta’ is a vast, new contents and functionality of the GPA. With a large-scale open-world content and all the award space, ‘fishing’, the maximum five characters are awardable ship ‘skip’, cooperative combat mount ‘Caesar Turtle’, 9 ‘s top level character Specialization system ‘is characterized by.

NC West will release new regions and content information, game OST, etc. for a month of February, and adds to the official Twitch and YouTube channel. NC West has been constantly released new content through official homepage, live streaming, and beta preview events, starting with the first trailer video of July.

Global users can participate in pre-purchase. Pre-purchasing consists of three types, including standard editions, deluxe editions, and Ultimate Editions. Users who participated in pre-purchasing can receive a variety of bonus items available in the game.

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