How to get neon animals in adopt me – robox

While all pass pets adopt me in roblox are quite cute, the animals Neon are really standing out among the crowd, and we added to the game to offer players a new type of pet to hunt. Neon animals are not easy to get and they require a lot of play time and even a little luck.

How to get neon animals

To get neon animals, you will need four animals of the same type, all adults. The four animals will have to have gone from newborn status to the status of great adults, which means many quests will have to be completed to help them grow up.

When you have four of the same pets that are all adults, you will need to visit the island of adoption. On the island of adoption, you will see a bridge, and below there will be a door. Go ahead and you can create your pet NEON using your four normal animals.

There will be five circles on the ground, one in the center with four to each of the cardinal points around him. Place one of your pets in each of the outer circles, and when you place the last, Neon Pet will be created. Now, keep in mind that you will lose the other four pets to create NEON pet, so make sure you want to do it. The NEON animal will also be a newborn, so you will need to upgrade to Full Grow again. Neon animals are very similar to normal pets, but various areas of their body shine neon colors.


If you are with four neon animals of the same type, you can go back to the room under the bridge and combine them in MEGA NEON animals. Once again, it will have four adult NEON animals, called Luminous, and you will lose them all during the MEGA Neon animal’s creation process.

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