Peters and the DFB candidacy: “Exactly the wound point”

The fact that two Bureau members of a Landesverband – Sinning and Viktora count as a leadership in Hesse – with the DFL candidate Peter’s common cause, the world view has shaken some functional. Meanwhile, Viktora has emphasized, since 2016 treasurer in the HFV: “I never understood this constructed contrast between amateurs and professionals. I have always told internally: We all need at a table.”

This is exactly where the trio, which combines the internationally networked multifunctional Peter Peters, the sports educational Sitting and the former referee and finance expert Viktora combines a variety of perspectives. In an annoyance, Sinningings and Viktora’s cooperation with Peters, among other things, met with HFV President Stefan Reuss. Re-replace Peters: “That makes the whole topic DFB perhaps so difficult: that the content discussion is left quickly to move to a power policy.”

HFV President lays with the resignation Sitting and Viktora

The Hessian online portal “Torgranate” reports on Sunday even from an internal mail, in which HFV President Stefan Reüß demands: Sizing and Viktora should either “do without the request of a candidacy” or “lay down their functions in the Hessian Football Association”.

After HFV President information, this mail is authentic, which is why the Supervisory Board of the Association is now dealing with the delicate matter. The Brisanter becomes the topic, as a Sinning on the DFB Bundestag in a possible second ballot about a Vice-President-item just the controversial Süddeutsche President Dr. Join Rainer Koch.

Case Studies in Chronic Wounds - Part 1

That, explains the 52-year-old in the HFV President interview, be “exactly the wound point, which is why I find appropriate resistance from the associations”. Chef makes his work “very meticulously” to compete against him prepares her “stomach rumble,” says Siching. But: “I too see in the review that it needs a change. And that’s only feasible if he is no longer there. We want a different working culture than the, for the Rainer Koch stands.” However, you are important: “I would compete for a post and for topics, not against a person. And this must be democratically possible.”

“Female quota is probably a real sign”

Meanwhile, “fig leaf” means the request of the DFB-Bureau and the simultaneous project Neuendorf, on a newly created item to install a vice-president of diversity and equality. This spot “also female to write out”, “just on the subject of equality an crooked picture. It does not matter if man or woman.”

On the other hand, she pleads for a future female quota in the DFB committees: “Originally I had the feeling that the women also prevail so because we have strong women. But I experience it differently. It will take too long to take it into it The heads get in. That’s why a quota is probably a real sign. “

Basic contract, project future and austerity measures

In addition, the trio describes how an interest equalization of professionals and amateurs should work in the upcoming negotiations on a new basic contract, why the project’s future threatens to fail in essential points, how to implement the DFB in future gravitious austerity measures and why secret elections for indispensable being held.

The complete interview with Peters, Sizing and Viktora read in the Monday edition of the HFV President (or from Sunday evening also imemagazines).

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