PlayStation Now: Here are the February 2022 games, there is GTA Vice City Remastered

PS Now PS5 & PS4 FREE Games for February 2022! - GTA Vice City, Death Squared & MORE!
After the PlayStation Plus, Place at PlayStation Now which reveals the list of games that will be available streaming for the month of February 2022. On last month, Mortal Kombat 11 and Final Fantasy XII who attracted the crowds and this month -I, it is obvious that all eyes will turn on the side of GTA: Vice City The Definitive Edition, despite the chaotic launch that the trilogy has seen a few weeks ago. Other titles will be present to ensure the month, but they are much less impactful than those of January for sure. There is “Little Big Workshop”, a kind of sims-like with a cute visual rendering that takes place in a factory. It must be managed, takes care of the workers, buy machines and develop effective production lines in the time allotted and by meeting the requirements of the customers.

Players who appreciate strategy games can turn to “Through the Darkest of Times” that takes place during the Second World War. A small group of resisters should be managed in Berlin in 1933, which will have to counteract the plans of the Nazis by painting messages on the walls, playing the sabotors, seeking information and recruiting other members. Basically, you have to operate in the shadows. Stay then “Death Squared”, a game puzzle where robots are directed that need to advance in levels by relying on objectives coded by their color. If ever one of these games interest you, you just have to join the PlayStation Now program.

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