Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface is back at Netflix

Some people think of sownly oiled and freshly shocked chain saws safely on something like forest and land air and the scent of freshly beaten wood, which somehow always has something safe. Or people think of the noise of a chain saw just on the smell of iron and blood and to the screech.

Not only to the screeching of the saw. But also to the shrieking of the people who are hit by the saw. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has since the first movie in 1974 and the following a total of seven films horror-slasher-cult, and when serials like Halloween are regularly expanded for new works, why not Texas Chainsaw massacre? Granted, since the 2017 movie Leatherface, it seemed more likely to be as if someone of the rattling chainsaw wanted to give a chance… but unexpected comes often!

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE | Official Trailer | Netflix

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) at Netflix

Director David Blue Garcia and the leaders of Netflix thought and moved out to miss the first film of the series – The Texas Chainsaw massacre or also blood court in Texas – a successor. Accordingly, Texas Chainsaw Massacre also refer to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was realized by Tobe Hooper.

Leatherface is decades back to the original events and makes hunt for a group of influencers who fall over an apparent ghost town in Texas. When hunting for his new victims, Leatherface has made the bill without the survivors of his former bloodshades. Because Sally Hardesty is now looking for revenge! That could be entertaining ^^

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