The Elder Scrolls Online presents High Isles, his new world that will come with Spanish translation

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow by leaps and his managers have published the plans they have for this year, with the arrival of “Legacy of Bretons”, that comes with the arrival of High Isle , A new place that will take us to a place never seen in the popular saga.

And if that seems good news, we have one day double. And it is that all the content of the game will receive translation into Spanish When High Isles premiere next June, so you have run out of excuses to mess up in one of the most elaborate MMO ** and market pointers.

High Isle will take us to an island paradise that promise “medieval culture and architecture, and truffled with magnificent castles and exciting righteous fields.”

On the occasion of the presentation of High Isles we have been able to speak with CJ Grebb, Director of Art of Game , who has talked about how the process is about when designing a region as beautiful as the one we can enjoy soon in TECO

“We wanted to design a new area, it is very exciting to explore for something that ever before has seen in The Elder Scrolls. That allowed us to explore new forms of architecture. And that is represented not only in the narrative, but in the elements From the stage, like architecture, furniture, creatures and everything we are going to find ourselves, “says Grebb.

To create High Isles, Grebb tells us that the whole team has had to work collaborating and using those synergies with the narrative team and work accordingly. “We had a geographical inspiration when we began to investigate, and from there we were maturing and detailing to create an immersive area and capture the design we had between the hands, it has to feel like a new world for the players.”

From Bethesda also point to the history of this year_, which, along with the places and architecture of the place, it also promises to have us glued to the screen for hours. :

_The history of this year’s chapter focuses on political intrigue, and high island is the perfect destination for alliance delegates to engage in peace talks that end the war of the three banners. While the noble society of the unwavering celebrates the summit, the players will have to be saved from the order of the ascendants and their turbid motivations.

There are more novelties centered on peers and their creators continue to bet on that system. There will be two new companions : Ember, a khajiita raised on the streets and with some talent for magic, and Isobel, a Breton aspirant to Kinglera, who feels called to do good next to the players.

In addition, at the event it has also been presented a new card game called tribute stories . It is a proposal for the accumulation of resources, invented in Isla High, with JCJ and JCE options. Players can go up rank in the system of own levels of tribute stories. They can also get great rewards, such as furniture or transmutation stones, and advance in a story competing with specific NPCs all over the world.

Returning to the translation of the Texts into Spanish , we asked CJ Grebb about how the Hispanic community is responsible for and affirms that they are “Emocionados, since it is something that has been working for time and in what there is a lot Effort behind, due to the nuances that are in some words and terms that are used in the game due to the setting “.

The Elder Scrolls Online : High Isle - 2022 Reveal Event Live with ESO!
In this way, many users will also have curiosity to go into teso, but there may be some uneasiness with feeling comfortable when it comes to starting a world that has been several years with a consolidated community. But CJ reassures in that aspect: “_Tesso is one of the most accessible games to start and enter the world, without pressure. In addition, the community makes it very easy for you to feel comfortable and enjoy the game . Play When you want, go where you want and simply enjoy the experience. “

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle will be available next June 6 on PC, Mac and Stadia. In consoles PlayStation and Xbox will arrive only a little later, on June 21.

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