UFL: Cristiano Ronaldo becomes 5th ambassador

Nobody had expected that the UFL developer had already been able to win some well-known footballers for his game, but that it is at the end of Cristiano Ronaldo, was a surprise. At the same time, it is also a finger to competition, because the player of Manchester United had a chicken with FIFA developer EA to pluck.

The late revenge of CR7

With EA, Cristiano Ronaldo was finally no cooperation. For FIFA 18, CR7 still celebrated his cover debut – a big deal for both parties, because actually the cooperation should take longer. But at the beginning of 2019, EA Sports removed the world star again from the Cover of Football Simulation and replaced him with Neymar, de Bruyne and his club colleagues Dybala. “To show a larger bandwidth of football,” as it was in a statement to Cristiano Esport. The exact backgrounds could only be guessed. But then Ronaldo in Fifa was no longer the figurehead and the missing license of his then association Juventus Turin was not better.

Cristiano Ronaldo praises fair play thoughts of UFL

Now CR7 has joined the supposedly strongest FIFA competitors. What this means for the EA football simulation will only show. As far as UFL is concerned, the new UFL ambassador took clear words in his idea: “I am pleased to announce my partnership with UFL. It is really a revolutionary project in the football video game genre. UFL wants a competitive and fair Gaming experience for every gamer offer. “

These players cooperate with UFL

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