FIFA 22 Toty: Cristiano Ronaldo is 12th man of the Team of the Year

Like almost all content in FUT 22, the Toty object of CR7 and thus his victory in voting for the 12th man had already been treated days before the revelation. Large tension was therefore no longer on the run-up to Friday night, EA Sports could only release the Ronaldo object into the packs.

A little surprise was the choice of attacker for many fans yet. A large part of the community had expected Mohamed Salah. The Liverpool professional played in the first round 2021/22 the perhaps strongest half-serial played his career. Meanwhile, Ronaldo can not build on earlier gloss performance at Manchester United so far.

Ronaldo twice gate scorer

The fact that the choice is justified, however, the playing time shows 2020/21: Ronaldo also became even in the jersey of Juventus Turin with 29 hits to the Goal Scorer of the series A. In the subsequent European Championship in the summer, the 36-year-old with five goals was also the best shooter with five goals.

As far as possible, the community was merely at the third candidate: Karim Benzema were given little opportunities from the outset, the real striker seemingly did not have the radiance of its counterparties. Ronaldos New specialty card is the last object with full-fledged Toty upgrade.

Consumer price for the voting losers

Although CR7 can not keep up with Robert Lewandowski (98) and Lionel Messi (98) with an overall rating of 97 and Lionel Messi (98), there is a lot going on with Kylian Mbappé, Jorginho and Ruben Slides. As a highlight under the attributes, EA Sports Ronaldos shot (98), but also Dribbling (95), Tempo (93) and Physis (92) are excellent.

However, Salah and Benzema are not all empty: The two voting losers appeared at the same time with the winner as Honorable Mentions as part of the Toty Promo. With this honor, the two Bundesliga professionals Erling Haaland and Leon Goretzka as well as DFB defender Antonio Rüdiger were also provided.

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