Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: Players defeat one of the heaviest bosses

RAIDS in Final Fantasy 14 are actually among the toughest tests that players can tackle in online role play . Not without reason, these challenges usually occur numerous participants together to have a chance of having a chance of the bosses of the RAIDS. However, there are also players who make themselves the task of surviving such a RAID completely alone.

Players defeat the first boss of a final wobble raid alone

A few weeks after the release of the EndWalker extension from Final Fantasy 14, it has now managed two players to defeat the first boss of the “pandaemonium: asphodelos” raids in each case single-handedly. First, a warrior allowed to celebrate this success.

Almost an hour he needed to override Erichthonios al1. Just over two days, the player has needed for the preparation. ON YouTube video to the solo fight and the detailed logs have already been shared.

Paladin player also brings Raid boss from Endwalker

After the warrior successfully defeated the first part of the asphodelos raid, another player wanted to try his luck – but this time with a paladin . And he too could defeat Erichthonios in about an hour and 20 minutes without any support of other comrades. Again, a video of the experiment was uploaded to YouTube.

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Can the complete asphodelos raid be tried alone?

For the time being, only the first section of the final wobble raid could be overwhelmed. Now players from Final Fantasy 14 (Buy Now) the question of whether the rest of the RAID alone is possible. There was no manner yet – but we can assume that some players are probably already trying.

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