GSOK “Investigation of Korean Game User Survey” in 2021

[Data provided: Korea Game Policy]

Korean Gaming Policy Authority (chairman of the Graduate School of Hwang, Sung Hae University, “The Organization”), announced the results of “2021 Korean Game User Survey” for general public and youth users.

General users investigations were targeted for 3,000, and 893 games (30%) of game users (70%) (30%) responded to the questionnaire. In addition, the youth game user survey was conducted on a quarterly quarter (year-to-sixth grade in elementary school, and third grade in middle school year, and third grade) using games within 3 months.

▲ General User Survey Date: 2021.09.30 ~ 2021.10.05

▲ Youth User Survey Period:

January: 2021.01.12. ~ 01.28.

April Survey period: 2021.04.01. ~ 04.15.

July: 2021.07.02. ~ 2021.07.16.

Oct. The October Survey: 2021.10.07. ~ 2021.10.25.

# Enjoy games, fun and stress

As a result of the survey, for general users, for the main reason for the game, (46.1%) (46.1%) (46.1%) (23.4%), and the case of youth users was simply fun, and 82.9% is the highest..

Through the survey results, it was confirmed that the game users were enjoying the game for fun and stress. The essence of the game was found to be fun.

# Juvenile game User Week 2.53 hours. Weekend 2.88 hours as general users

The average play time of the youth game was 2,53 hours a day, 2.88 hours a day, 2.88 hours a day, 2.88 hours a day, was higher than 2,25 hours of weekends on weekends.

In addition, both general users and youth users were using weekends to play games with weekends, and in general users, the increase in weekend play time compared to weekends could be confirmed as compared to adolescents.

“This survey is meaningful to the first time in the private dimension,” This investigation is meaningful for the first time in the private dimension, “and” General. I hope to be. “

“Survey in 2021 Korean Game User Survey”, “In 2021 Youth Game User Survey” report is scheduled to upload to the Korea Games Policy Authorizer Homepage and Journal Homepage.

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