How many campaign missions are in Halo: Reach?

Helo: Reaching in Helo: The Master Chief Collection presents the return back when the players have encountered for the first time other spartans beyond Master Chief with different weave colors and other identification brands. The story is happening before the first match events, Helo: Combat Evolved. The story was a crucial part of the series, and you may recognize several when you come back in the game, while it’s almost 10 years that the game is out.

There are 10 campaign missions in the game and you can choose to play through the countryside on several difficulties. The difficulties come with a modification score, providing you with a classification of the difficulty with which you have accomplished the mission. The difficulties are:

  • Easy with a multiplier of 0.25
  • Normal with a 1,00 score multiplier
  • Heroic with a 2,00 score multiplier
  • Legendary with a 4,00 score multiplier

The Hardest Halo Campaign Missions of ALL TIME

You can turn the skulls on mission to offer you even more variety, as well as your friends, with the goal of getting the best score possible. The 10 missions take place in this Fallen:

  • Winter contingency
  • Oni: base of the sword
  • Nightfall
  • Pointe de la lance

  • Long night comfort
  • Exodus
  • New Alexandria
  • The packet
  • The autumn pillar
  • Lone wolf

There are two other missions listed in the list, noble actual and epilogue. Both serve as kinematics for the game, so you do not have to worry about it to complete the game. If you and your friends work in the game, you should meet and appreciate the story of Helo: To reach.

Make sure to check the multiplayer mode in halo: reach start by working the first season of the game, win the season points and start customizing your armor to distinguish you the other players.

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