PlayStation Plus criticized by subscribers when Sony arrives “new low”

This week, Sony revealed the free PlayStation Plus games of February and it was not well received. In summary, PS plus subscribers in PS4 and PS5 are not impressed with the game line. While some subscribers are excited to have the beloved Russian of the planet in their hands, _ the other two games EPORTS OF EA UFC 4 and Tin Tin Tina Assault on the Dragon Fortress: a unique adventure in Wonderland, They are undeniably disappointing, especially the last 1. And it is the latter who has been criticized by a subscriber in Reddit.

For those who do not know: Tin Tina’s assault on the dragon fortress: a unique adventure in Wonderland is a relaunching of territories 2 DLC. That’s right, one of the free Games of PlayStation Plus of February is DLC for a game of 10 years ago, and many PS plus subscribers are not happy with that.

«Borderlands: The Handsome Collection N was a PlayStation Plus title in 2019,” reads the angry but popular mail on the PlayStation Plus Reddit page. «Included in that was territories 2, Borderlands: the Presecuela, and all the DLCs that accompany it for both titles. One of the PlayStation Plus games this month is Tin Tin Tina Assault on Dragon Keep: A unique adventure in Wonderland. It is a relaunch of one of the four DLC campaigns for Border 2_territories. It only exists as advertising for the next Tin Tina Wonders country. Thought _Godfall: Challenger edition was insulting? This is as if _dios fallen, it was a game of 10 years ago and we got _Godfall: Challenger edition after having received _dios as a PlayStation Plus title three years before ».

Usually, a fireparking as this is found with a certain rejection, but most of the answers agree that Sony may have gone too far with this game line so poor.

«This is scandalous. I have endured a lot over the years. I can forgive the bad and cheap games, and I can even try them. But one thing I can not bear is that they give us a game twice, “he says. One of the most popular answers. “They were already becoming stealthy by giving us games that were already in the PlayStation Plus collection, but this is definitely crossing the line.

Fortunately, for Sony, the free Xbox Live Gold games of February are even more insulting. That said, leading Games with Gold is not a very high bar these days.

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