Sony wants to buy Destiny developer bungie for 3.2 billion euros

The purchase ground of the big one goes on. After Microsoft has announced the Plan Activision Blizzard’s Plan Activision Budlizzard, Sony is now on the series. As the former halo- and present Destiny developer just reported Via official blog post, you want to connect now Sony, who want to buy the American studio for 3, 2 billion euros.

That means the deal for Bungie and Destiny 2

As the GamesIndustry page reports, Bungie will continue to act as a separate subsidiary in the future, a developer remains a developer that produces multiplatform games. To do this, the statement of Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan:

We always had a strong partnership with Bungie since the start of the Destiny franchise and I could hardly be enthusiastic to welcome the studio in the PlayStation family.

Bungie decides: The former halo developer should have the opportunity to publish and decide games themselves and decide on which platform their titles are offered.

It means that it is not excluded in the coming years that a game like Destiny 2 continues to take place on Xbox consoles. In a Q & A, the community was also insured, the shooter remains playable on all platforms even after the takeover.


That’s Halo Inventor Bungie

Founded in 1991, the American studio was known at the end of the 1990s by the tactical myth series, marriage with the acquisition by Microsoft and Halo in 2001 the very large breakthrough succeeded. By 2010, whole five games around the Master Chief appeared.

Detached from Microsoft and under Publisher Activision was published in 2014 Destiny, which is now with its sequel to the most successful multiplayer shooters. Since 2019, both companies have returned separated paths, the rights to the SCIFI shooter are at Bungie.

Sony’s push in live service characters

With the planned purchase of Bungie Sony not only gets great expertise in Multiplayer Games or Shooter into the house. According to Jim Ryan, the acquisition becomes the multiplatform development, on the other hand, the Games AS A service division of Sony further strengthened.

Already in recent years Sony PlayStation has established its own exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding and God of War on the PC market. It remains exciting to see how this strategy will continue in the future.

Sony’s first answer to Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Deal?

On January 18, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard announced the largest deal of gaming history so far. For $ 68.7 billion, the publisher and developers will enrich the XBox and PC division with their games at the latest in the spring of 2023.

The big question was how Sony reacts to the planned purchase. The purchase of Bungie seems to be the first answer, although the deal was most likely negotiated last year, more than continued long-term strategic orientation. Possible scenarios, how Sony could continue to respond to the Microsoft purchase rush, we have recorded for you in a mind game.

Sony plans to buy bungie, how does you appreciate the deal?

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