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Have you ever played Strange ever? If not, then you should soon expand your pile of shame for a game – especially because in just a few days a remastered of the classic appears, which exchanges some childhood diseases of the original version.

Once to be honest: probably no remastered by Life is Strange needed, the highly praised story adventure of Dontnod Entertainment. In the Release Year 2015, the emotional journey of the supernaturally gifted Max Caulfield hit some waves, and not only due to the unique story and the homely-schasen atmosphere, but also because of the game principle: you have in Life Is Strange namely a comprehensive freedom of choice and can even turn back the time back.

The remastered versions of games? We discuss:

In addition, Life is strange because of its soft graphics as good as absolutely aged – which in turn raises the question why a remastered of the episode game appears on 1 February. Is the purchase worth it at all?

Why the remastered (probably) is not worth it – and your Life is Strange still referees

Reddit user Jon_ams compares the original Life Is Strange with the Remastered version in two screenshots; A comparison that speaks for itself – and raises the question as to whether reality is actually better.

As it looks, the Remastered Collection of Life Is Strange plays with the brightness in the game and also refines the facial features of the characters; Everything becomes sharper and sometimes reality. But the soft gloss of the original is lost. And if the characters are now hüscher – Well, you can probably argue about it.

The community on Reddit at least is split. It’s best to decide which version you like better. Sticking up your life is strange but so or so if you have not played it yet. Especially when your fantastic decision-making and story games appreciate.

_In the new gameplay preview to the remastered of Life is Strange you get an insight into the graphic: _

Order the Remastered Collection of Life Is Strange in the PS Store.

The Remastered Collection is not only LIFE IS strange but also the Prequel Life IS Strange: Before The Storm included; Both games are equipped with supervised graphics and better animations. For although you can not get away with the Remastered Collection _BESSER_WAY, but the difference is not very big: in the PS Store, the Collection AB Release 39.99 euros . If you buy the games now individually and with original graphics instead, you pay almost 34 euros – so they are only about 5 euros more.

The Remastered Collection of Life Is Strange is expected to be released on 1 February for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Stadia and Nintendo Switch.

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