Yacht Club Games announces a presentation for February

Yacht Club Games is an independent study recognized for its work in the series of Shovel Knight . Although the list of games developed by this team is not so great, At the beginning of next month we will have a special presentation focused on revealing the new content that this group has for us.

Unexpectedly, a new Yacht Club Games Presents has been revealed, a presentation focused on revealing all News related to Updates and DLC for the Games that has currently published and developed the company , will be held next 1 of February. Along with this, there is talk about the presence of a great advertisement. This was what was commented about:

“Sean Velasco, Alec Faulkner, Nick Wozniak, Sandy Gordon and Celia Schilling will open the curtain of development to share a lot of new updates, progress advances never before seen, downloadable content and an innovative ad.”

Although we will surely see more content for Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, which came to all platforms last year, or the release date of Shovel Knight Dig, * There is a possibility that the expected Shovel Knight 2 be revealed in this presentation * . Next to this does not discard the possibility of seeing a completely new property.

Yacht Club Games Presents 2.1.22
The Yacht Club Games Presents will be held next February 1, 2022 at 4:00 pm (Mexico City Time) , and you can see the live presentation here. You can learn more about Shovel Knight here.

Editor’s note:

There is no doubt that Shovel Knight was one of the largest independent sensations of recent years. Although I want to see more about this series, you need Yacht Club Games present us something completely new.

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