[Netabare None] “Horizon Forbidden West” PS5 Version Play Impression-Persuberence and Respect for World Made Open World

“Horizon Forbidden West” is one of the Sie World Wide Studio, the latest work of Guerilla Games, and is a primary success of the previous work “Horizon Zero Dawn”. Spreading the stage to the western part that has not been thrown so far, and the battle with the mechanical beast that has increased the threat, and the result of the identity and scale with “Horizon”, such as fighting between ethnic groups,. In this paper, we will deliver the impression in this article, as we were blessed with the opportunity to play prior to the release on February 18, 2021. I do not intend to touch the heart’s core, so I want you to read it with confidence.

# The story of Aaroy not ending

First of all, I would like to emphasize that this work is the sequel to the previous work. It was Aaroy saved from the threat of evil AI “Hades” in the previous work, but the case of the ground progressed and the end of the world was approaching moment. Go to the western part to regain the secondary function of Gaia that has been scattered. That is the introduction of this work. Helping Arroy’s journey, there are many characters inheriting from the previous work, such as Nora’s Var and Ocerum End. The movie at the beginning of the game is inserted, but it is strongly recommended that you play the previous work.

# Photo mode does not stop

The main stage of this work is the San Francisco with a Golden Gate Bridge that is also drawn in the main art, and Nevada, which follows wilderness. Sometimes the number of locations and beauty are the most readable points of interest to see the first in this work. In particular, in the introduction of the story, the superb view is expected to express that the world of this work continues to last, and the beginning of the adventure is produced.

Following the previous work, photomode is also implemented, and if you arrive at a new location, you will want to start photo mode first. Not exaggeration, about 30% of play time spent in photo mode.

It is not only scenery that maximizes such photomodes, but also machine beasts and humans. While the shapes like animals, the unique beauty of the machine with the machine and machine beasts, as well as the shaping of people including Aaroy, also wonder. Even if it is in the photo mode, the texture and fine hair of the skin are also firmly expressed.

# “Respect” to the world

In addition, this series is a further in the future of the near future SF, and contemporary cars, highways, buildings debris are scattered. On top of that, it is a great attraction of this work, as primitive people form their own communities. In particular, the ethnic groups to appear are the impressions that are carefully drawn. At the same time as the birth, it is given the seeds of plants, and the culture of the culture that plants that kind and the Tenarks who live in the battle, their culture does not stay in the world disagreement, but visual and music, story It also claims. In particular, “Song’s Plateau”, which is the base of the Uta tribe, sounds like a hymn of the on-vocals, and their death is felt. Another problem is Aaroy respecting their culture, but he feels that the people who live in this world are created with a large respect and love.

This work is drawn in the open world game, but I would like to touch the design. The story is spun through the main quest, but their distances are largely away. Earloy grows and designed with side / subquests in the main quest and the side / subquests, and while this way to the next main quest, is designed to grow and advance the story. Designs that worked well that the world is there is an open world game meaning. Following the previous work, “Toru neck” to get map information around is also alive. There are also many gimmicks that are not only climbing, and it is also possible to make a device that is hard to work.

Also, the density of the side quest is quite dark. Side quests, which do not rely on the battle with a simple machine beast, a solid story is drawn, and many of them are deeply blurred, such as encountering in the ethnicity, ethnic values, and play these This world will like more.

# Action with increased three-dimensional sense

As before, the fun of “hunting” which made the bow, trap caster, and sling is alive. Focus on focus, find the weakness of the machine and aim at a significant shooting or condition abnormality, and the battle is high, but the degree of difficulty is worthwhile. I would like to recommend playing with normal to enjoy the teeth that completely determine the weakness and repeat the triand error.

A long-standing weapon that has started with the progeny of the previous work is the main, but the main work will appear, but this work has a gadget like a graph hook called “pull Caster” and can easily access high places. became. From there, it is possible to fly to a higher place by jumping a big jump. Using “Shield Wing” with a role like parasail If you descend from any high place, you can not only eat damage, but you can attack far enemies from the air and attack.

Thus, it is one of the features of this work that the battle became three-dimensional. In addition, energy can be accumulated by the proximity attack, and “resonator blast” can be emitted to the enemy. This is to give the enemy to the enemy by overlapping the attack and attack the site with a bow, and a major damage is created with a close attack and long-distance attack. Since the training plant that can learn them firmly is also present in all parts of the world, I want to proceed with the fights more favorably.

# Benefit by PS5

This article is written based on the PS5 version, as I mentioned at the beginning. Detailed vibration expressions with haptic feedback, “DualSense”, which is a controller of PS5, especially enhance the sense of the cut scene. It is enough to be careful with the cut scene and put the controller at the desk and fall in vibration. In the adaptive trigger packed in R2 · L2, a sense of drawing a bow with R2 and a feeling of opening a door with a bowl is obtained. In addition, I was able to taste the feeling like actual hunting that I would like to have 3D audio’s benefits or in the sound of a moss behind when hunting wildlife. Something is committed to sound, such as radio voice that really hears from focus.

The graphic setting can be selected from two “performance priorities” to be played at higher frame rates or “resolution priority” to be played at higher resolution. Screenshots listed in this paper are photographed with resolution priority.

In the “accessibility” of the setting item, items that make the game easier to play are included. Especially, “Quest Pass” that allows you to set the “search” with the player who carefully displays the quest’s directions and the minimum icon only “search”. I want to use it according to the situation. In addition, I would like to check before starting the game, such as strength of trigger strength and automation of dash.

# Welmaid Open World Action Game

Horizon Forbidden West Review After 50 Hours SPOILER FREE (Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay PS5)
If you are playing this work carefully, including side quests and collected elements, the height of the completeness will be charged. Not only side quests and location controlled by the main quest, but also the world of people who are in the future I have that meaning well. The battle between the machine beast that is sandwiched everywhere is not a sharpness of HP, but it is a “hunting” that is required to observe and think of a weakness, has a unique fun as an action game. Above all, the world of “Horizon” where we are usually depicted as old artifacts will be excited just by walking.

As I mentioned at the beginning, “Horizon Forbidden West” is the front of the previous work. In addition to expanding the scales and stories of the previous work, as an open world game, as an action game, it was an impression that is a work that polished its completion. In the magazine, we plan to publish a review of the story and action. I want you to look forward to it.

“Horizon Forbidden West” is scheduled to be released on February 18 for PS5 / PS4.

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