Infernax: retro splatter festival available in the Xbox Game Pass

The Arcade Crew and Berzerk Studio are pleased to announce that your day has come. The retro action adventure and splatterfest infernax is here to build you in the truest sense of the word – directly into the next bloodlike.

Infernax is now available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Via Xbox Cloud Gaming and promises to reject the challenges and carnols, the pixels can deliver in the beloved style of the NES era. The game is offered by 20 February with a 10% discount both in the eShop and on Steam. But it would never call himself a cheap pleasure.

Your daring companions for the upcoming adventure is not less than Alceedor, the Young Duke of Upel, who has just returned from a battle.

Sadly, the country in which he returned is just a shadow of the home that he has left at that time. The evil has laid a shadow about this once blooming place and people are afraid of the unspeakable things that now haunt their country.

La fin des jeux PHYSIQUES: Place au GAME PASS VACCINAL ????

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Of course that’s extremely unpleasant. So accompanies Alcedor in solving problems to scratch control over the country’s powers of darkness.

Alcedor has to face horrors that lie beyond human imagination – but powerful weapons should help to successfully make this 1-man crusade through the underworld. With secrets that are to ventilate, powerful skills that apply to learn and a selection of magic he will be ready to face everything in the shadows.

On the way there, his morality is put through difficult decisions on the test, which not only influence the fate of Upel, but also that of Alceedor itself and lead to different game paths. The challenge that lies in front of the players and players is nothing for weak nerves – but Infernax offers both classic hardcore mode as well as a greater (but no less challenging) opportunity mode to ensure maximum game fun. No matter how to tackle the adventure.

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