The Crossfirex producer apologizes for the launch of the game

The executive producer of Crossfirex , Sooro Boo (known as Mr. Boo), has issued an apology statement by the current state of the game through its official website. “It is clear that, involuntarily, we have disappointed many of our players and fans who have been with us for a long time,” explains Boo.

CrossfireX Patch Coming WEEKS EARLIER Than Planned!

Crossfire X, the third main delivery of the Saga de Shooters of Smilegate, has received numerous reviews due to its launch on February 10, including Game Pass, which has already raised suspicion since they announced that in the subscription only one could play operation Catalyst, the first mission of your campaign developed by remedy . However, due to a mistake, it was not even possible to play this introduction to the game, and a multiplayer component that was also found with matchmaking problems that prevented the pairing of items.

Luckily for those who play games online, this last mistake was remembered last Thursday, and in the last update of the study they have added this apology because they felt that the players “deserved more than a simple patch note,” something that took advantage to apologize ” Show exactly how we plan to address the problems and, ultimately, ask for the opportunity to compensate everything. “

Take advantage to explain three of the updates that are going to reach the game to solve some of their mistakes, starting to adjust the reverse of weapons and improve assistance to arrange a sensitivity problem of the command, which was excessive even that for The study “has been a classic seal of the Crossfire franchise”. They have also balanced the performance of Boogieman and have solved a targeted problem with the Car-4 weapon.

“We feel that Crossfirex’s current problems had more to do with the basic foundations of the game and it seemed that we had betrayed the confidence of our players. There is simply no excuse for this, that’s why I wanted to make a personal apology and explain exactly what the problems are and how we plan to overcome them, “concludes Boo.

CrossFire X is available at Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One .

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