Ripley will not be present in the new alien series

In the middle of last year the first details about the new series of alien were revealed by FX Networks . At the time, it was said that the project would take inspiration for the original work of ** Ridley Scott, but it was not mentioned if we would see the return of some classic characters. Well, that will not be the case since the temporality of this series has been confirmed and it is a prequel.

John Landgraf, President of FX Networks, again spoke about the project, confirming that this series will be the first history of the franchise that develops on the planet Earth at the beginning of the 20th century. According to the timeline of the series, at that time Ellen Ripley would hardly be born, so do not expect to see her or some other classic character in the series.

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“There are many great surprises waiting for the audience. Alien develops before Ripley. It is Alien’s first story on planet Earth. It is developed at the end of our century, so approximately 70 years in the future.

Ripley will not be part of her nor any of the other characters of Alien beyond the creature. “

Although this news will certainly be disappointing for many, others will see it as an opportunity for the franchise to explore little known territory and move away from the traditional Formula of the Saga.

The series of Alien will come at some point of 2023.

Editor’s Note: Personally, I like that the project is looking to have its own identity without the need to bring back to known characters. Alien is a franchise with a lot of Lore and it would be a waste of not wanting to explore it in its entirety.

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