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There are new details about the current development of Dragon Age 4 by Journalist Jeff Grubb. According to his information, production is intended to make outstanding and have previously achieved all set milestones. If everything continues to plan, the role-playing game of Bioware should come into the trade in about 18 months . This could make the title at the end of 2023 .

Dragon Age 4 News Update: Current State of BioWare, Future Plans & More! (Jan, 2022)

Release this year definitely excluded

Already a month ago, insiders have excluded the publication of Dragon Age 4 for the current year. Originally, it should have given plans that the RPG will appear in 2022. For this, fans may at least be happy about new information for the game this year. Already in the last few months, Booware has always shared smaller Teaser to the game.

Dragon Age 4 is already in development for a long time

Bioware has made some drastic changes in the idea behind Dragon Age 4 in recent years. In 2018, a RPG project was presented under the Game Awards, which sat down on many live service content. However, because Anthem for EA and Bioware became flop, it has been reddowned by Dragon Age 4. It was followed in 2020 a renewed announcement of the role-playing game – but this time exclusively as single player experience without multiplayer.

Bioware also works on the future of Mass Effect

While a part of the team is busy with Dragon Age 4, Bioware is already working on the next game of Mass Effect . Here, too, it has been held with information so far, but the sci-fi game should probably arise with the new Unreal Engine 5 . But fans have to bring patience. The release is probably planned at the earliest in the year 2025 .

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