Cyberpunk 2077 is now available in New Generation

As you could expect, CD Projekt Red has announced that cyberpunk 2077 is now available natively for new generation, both in xbox series x and s as in playstation 5 The Polish company has issued the notice through a live presentation focused on the game, where they have taught a video of Gameplay captured in PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Here you have the X series, and below it is The PlayStation 5. The Series S version has been left without its official video, but we will link the complete presentation indicating the corresponding parts as soon as it is available.

The improvements are those of almost always when talking about new generation: it will have “characteristics of rays plot and 4K with dynamic climbing, faster loading times and a wide variety of visual and technical improvements», and in the case of Ps5 , will have compatibility with your adaptive triggers and the haptic vibration of the command dualsense . As they also announced, the update will be free for those who have the version of the past generation, both the PS4 and that of Xbox One.

They have also confirmed that it can be tested both Xbox Series X and S and PS5.

CYBERPUNK 2077 Next Gen Update & Patch 1.5. Reveal! Live Reaction!

Everything is part of the patch 1.5, which will also include new weapons, apartments for the protagonist and balances in the gameplay, economy and system of Loto. In addition, PS5 will finally have compatibility with 3D press and other headphones with these features. In the table where you talk about your specifications, where it appears that the game will go to 60 Frames per second in Performance mode, it is also notified that it will “with small and rare frames of frames». Here are the complete list of changes.

This could not only be seen coming by the news of its retransmission, since then we said some of the indications that pointed to an optimization for next gen, as the appearance of the game for PS5 in the PlayStation Network database, thanks to PlayStation Game Size. Shortly after knowing about the event, Tom Warren published an image of him in Xbox where the X | S series logo appeared, which finished confirming these speculation about the imminent version of new generation.

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