F1 2021: These problems were fixed with Update 1.16

Codemasters has rolled up the update 1.16 for F1 2021 on all platforms and thus solve some problems in the game.

For example, a problem with the session timer has been fixed, which had reset to a qualifying session when a user is re-entry.

Furthermore, the ghosting in a two-player career can be switched off on request and penalties after a collision with the savety-car fall just off.

F1 2021 // Patch 1.15 LIVE NOW!! // **Patch Notes in The Description**

All other details about the latest update for the Formula One racing game can be found in the German patch Notes.

Update 1.16 patch notes


  • A problem has been resolved in which the session timer of a user has been reset to a qualifying session for this user when re-entry.
  • It has been solved a problem in which a host and a client had difficulty entering the same league event if previously rejected the next session was previously rejected.


  • In the two-player career, Ghosting can now be deactivated.
  • If it comes to collisions at Safety Car, the resulting penalties are now more just divided.
  • It has been fixed a problem in which it could come to a crash when recruited from the “Official F1 2021 Championship” and then tried to join consoles again.
  • It has been resolved a problem in which it could come to a crash when one selected a salary in his current team, although they had previously broken off the negotiations.
  • The previously selected simulation settings in “Grand Prix” are now stored and applied when a new “Grand Prix” events.
  • General stability improvements.
  • A number of smaller bug fixes.

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