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If you have ever played in the first voice of the card, The Isle Dragon Roars, you probably remember how many discharge you needed to do to complete your collection for him. Fortunately, The Forsaken Maiden has only one ending, so you can collect all (or, in any case, most of them) using one saving file.

In any case, if you diligently turned each card and opened each chest, you will have almost everything you need to replenish your collection. But here is a brief guide to find those that usually cannot be discovered in a random study.


Most objects, including higher quality items, such as Omnipanate, can be bought in a copy of the Omega village in the heart domain. This is a room in front of the top floor in the last chapter. Of course, there are exceptions:

  • Little Gold Nugget , Middle Gold Nugget And also Chunky Golden Nugget : Won from treasure chests that appear after random battles.
    Oil Pot : You can find in the store items in Dominione Heroes.
  • Corrosor : You can find in the store items in Caketon.
  • Destroy the box : You can find in the store items in Fenmosse.


The revolving stories of most monsters cards by winning three to five of them. The only exception is bosses (whose cards you naturally earn as the plot passing). Then the P / voice of the subreddit cards compiled a complete list of locations of all monsters, in case you missed the opposite side of the story.

However, the following are several creatures that you cannot encounter in normal mode.

  • Ancient beach : Additional superboss after titers, which can be found in the depths of the terrible sea.
  • Ferok : Strengthen the grass around the North Island, and it will appear during the rock event. FEAROCK will appear until you throw away a unit or six.

Google Maps How to use Turn By Turn Voice Navigation (IPhon
* Aquairk : Wander along the herbal tiles around the island of Omega, and it will appear during the rock event. FEAROCK will appear until you throw away a unit or six.


Each unit of equipment can be bought at least in two four large cities and cities (Alabaster, Fenmos, Dominion Heroes and Kovton). The only exceptions are spiritual weapons as well as legendary armor for which we have a separate manual.

Each accessory can be bought in Alabaster City. The only exceptions are:

Did the evil ring : Start a new game + to get it.
Ring of evasion , Ring with precious stone as well as Ring of compassion : You can buy from a wandering merchant in another world.
Ring of Life II as well as Compassion Ring II **: Found at the shipwreck location in the northeastern part of the sea. To get a ring of compassion II, you need the key from the cabin.

In general, this should not take you a lot of time, especially if you carefully studied the card from the very beginning. In addition, do not leave treasure chests unopened!

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.

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