How to use the infusion of a wonderful medication in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring Flasks are the main resources that replenish HP, FP and give special shoes to protect against elemental damage. In the game, players will find various types of flasks, and one of them is a flask of a wonderful medicine.

Players can get a flag of a wonderful medication in Third Church of Marika , located in the eastern Limgrave. You can follow the link below to the map to find this bottle at the beginning of the game. Having found this subject, players will notice a new tab called Mix wonderful physics . This tab allows players to equip two unique crystal tears in infusion of miracles to temporarily strengthen certain abilities.

You can access the Mix Wondrous Physick tab on any Sitees of Grace website. This mechanic in Elden Ring will allow players to prepare for battle. The infusion of a wonderful medication is ideal for individual settings, mixing various crystal tears with special abilities.

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For example, players can equip such objects as a crystalline tear with a force node and a crimson crystal tear to restore half the maximum Ho and temporarily increase strength. In the game, players will find about 22 unique crystal tears that can be used. Each of these tears temporarily enhances certain abilities in Elden Ring.

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