Rapid-Routinier Kevin Wimmer: “Yusuf Demir is an incredible player”

Kevin Wimmer is one of the Routinians in a young Rapid team. Now the former England legionary talks about his acclimatization phase in Hütteldorf, the “incredible” Yusuf Demir and Neo-Coach Ferdinand Feldhofer.

Only Thorsten Schick (31) was the 2-0 away win at WSG Tirol older as a defensive chief Kevin Wimmer (29). According to his surviving inguinal problems, the former Tottenham legionary last showing sovereign benefits in the jersey of the SK Rapid.

YUSUF DEMIR • Rapid Wien • Incredible Skills, Dribbles, Goals & Assists • 2020

That was not always the way Wimmer admits sky in his early days in Hütteldorf. “Of course you get it with when such a change takes place that the expectation is great. The expectations of myself was also huge and I was really looking forward to the club. Rapid is the largest club in Austria for me. Of course one hopes for more and more. Unfortunately, we are not very well started in the season, which did not make it easy for us, “says Wimmer.

The Welser experienced many heights and depths in football sports was undisputed regular players at the 1st FC Cologne, involved in his career transfer sums of 27 million euros and completed 32 Premier League lots. At Stoke City, however, Wimmer was mercilessly sorted out. Finally, Wimmer changed release to the green-white.

“As a player you want it’s always running well and it is difficult to fight out of a bad phase. It is quite normal that some players need a certain degree of acclimation. I felt very comfortable from the beginning at Rapid. The team and the former coaching team and also the current coaching team fit very well. I feel very well. I feel very fit and am the right way, “knows the ninefold ÖFB team player.

Kevin Wimmer: “Then we are difficult to stop Demir”

With huge expectation also Yusuf Demir has to fight. After his broken lending to FC Barcelona, ​​the talented offensive player is back in the 14th Viennese district. “He is an incredible player. To be so young and to be able to handle the ball so well. He is also a really clever player on the ball. The passports he plays do not play many players. For us he is a very important component, “praises Wimmer his Protegé.

“Of course, the change from Barcelona, ​​where he played Champions League, is not that easy here. But he is still an incredible player. He is still very young and he still has a lot of time. He probably also needs a bit of time to turn to the Austrian league. I also noticed that for me. If he is born a bit more, then he will be even more difficult to stop. He is a player who needs regularity. “

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In addition to Demir, acclimatization must also neo-chef coach Ferdinand Feldhofer, the Dietmar Kühbauer fought. If it goes to Wimmer, Feldhofer has done his work in Hütteldorf so far “very well”: “The Didi has fitted very well to the club. But with the new coaching team it fits very well. The Ferdinand speaks a lot with the players. Also with players who are less used. He knows when the time is to have fun and when the time is to give gas. I feel very comfortable with him. The team is also very glad that we have him now. “

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