Untitled Goose Game Honking his way to Playstation 4, Xbox One next week

Klaxon! There is nothing such goose without title_, and now other players beyond the Nintendo Switch will be able to enjoy its kindness. Or the wickedness, according to your point of view.

【桓哥】無「鵝」不作的反派角色,《Untitled Goose Game》速評

Today, House House confirmed that the successful independent game will arrive on PlayStation 4 on December 17. The price has not yet been revealed, but it will probably cost the same price as on Nintendo Switch, which costs $ 19.99. The Xbox One version has not yet been announced, but we should hear more in the coming hours, since it is listed for both platforms.

In the game, players control an annoying goose while trying to be… Well, the leader of the country. Not really, he just wants to embarrass every1. You will guide this goose through a series of tasks, including disturbing some people, collect the objects and move on to other areas. Of course, you are a goose, but you are the best goose in the world, so you can do the job.

The game should have fun artistic style, the hilarious scenarios and a nice music like the original game, as well as the trophies and the achievements that will help you keep track of your progress.

The original trailer of the PlayStation 4 version is below, and we should hear something on Xbox One shortly. If you have not played this game yet, well, you may want to give him a shot. It’s hilarious and there is nothing else like that there. Plus, _You cheeks a goose. Is not that what we all want?

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