Where to find a hidden story “Welcome to Artightina” in Lost Ark

“Welcome to Athntine” is one of the most simple “hidden stories” that you can go to the “Lost Ark”. You can find this story in the area of ​​Torich on the Continent Artetin. You can quickly run it by traveling along the continent.

All Arthetine Hidden Story Lost Ark

Where is “Welcome to the Athnthic Story”?

You can find this hidden history in tavern “Thied asterisk” To the west of Antique shop Gebisen and on the north-western side Zavadnaya Square . The place marked below will lead you to the tavern. When you enter the tavern, look for a staircase, and then go to the right until you see the papers on the ground.

Discover this hidden history, exploring the paper on Earth. Many of these hidden stories on this continent are just the paper to find, so you should get used to it.

For those who have already visited this place, use the waypoint next to the clockwork. This is probably one of the simplest stories about hidden passage, since it has no hostilities.

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