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Toma of Tsushima is a fluid combat game where you will find yourself to face swords with Mongolian invaders, and you must try to defend your land against the invasion force to bring peace. Many people see this game as SEKIRO, and considering the artistic influence and back back for a fluid sword combat, it is difficult to blame them. Even if they can look alike, do they play in the same way? They do not do it, and fanta of Tsushima is very different from Sekiro.

You can do Fantôme de Tsushima a difficult game by modifying the difficulty when you start the game. The more hard, the more careful and cunning you have to fight. There is no difficulty in settling sekiro, _ so when you have trouble with this game, you must learn to do it or come back there later. It contains many dark connections. Where players must fight supernatural enemies, have perfect blocking and striking attacks and use obscure objects to solve several puzzles. _SEKIRO has been developed by FromSoftware, the dark and bloodbourne creators, so it is logical. But Fantoma of Tsushima Developers Sucker Punch did not take too many dark notes.

Sets: Union, Intersection, Complement

Fantôme de Tsushima feels more closely aligned with an Assassin’s Creed game or other Ubisoft titles in open world. The fight can be difficult and you must be careful when you play. It will not be similar to sekiro, however, where you spend a good part of the trip to try to understand how to fight specific enemies by learning their movements or dying in a coherent way, then reluctant nearby.

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