Pewdiepie visited by the police after the purchase online

During a recent Youtube video, Felix «Pewdiepie» Kjelberg revealed that the police recently visited her house in the UK after she bought a Balisong knife online through Wish. As he will know, the Balisong knife is illegal in the UK, as it is in some US states. UU for Pewdiepie, the Balisong is used as a restless toy. During the videos and transmissions of him, sometimes you can see it quickly with him. And this is presumably what he told the police when he knocked on him to ask him why he was buying an illegal gun online.

“I had the great idea of ​​trying to buy a Balisong,” Pewdiepie said. “Because I like it. It’s fun to play with them. Is incredible. Well, do not do that. Do not buy a Balisong. The police came. To my house and they told me it was bad and that I should not have done that. Then, I’m sorry. “

Pewdiepie added that it can be something cultural, since he is from Sweden, where “is a tool, not a weapon.” Obviously, this is not the Balisong’s reputation in England. And for what is worth, it is not the reputation of the knife in the United States, where it is most commonly known as a butterfly knife and very commonly sees it as nothing more than a weapon.

I bought forbidden Wish Items (Cops Came To My House Big Oopsie)

For those who do not know: the Balisong knife is known all over the world as a butterfly knife, or sometimes as a fan knife or bleeding knife. A type of folding pocket knife that actually originated in the Philippines, is illegal or is restricted in many countries and is commonly associated with crime. That said, apparently nobody said this to Pewdiepie. Fortunately, for YouTuber, it seems that nothing came out of him with the law.

Pewdiepie points out that the entire test caused him considerable stress and encouraged him to invest in some real fidget toys that are not illegal.

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