How to defeat Garmondo in a brawl in the shopping center – Kirby and the Forgotten Land

As soon as you go through the first two stages of Kirby and The Forgotten Land, the third is a fight in the shopping center – with an unexpected battle with the boss. Gorindo . Climb the escalator and select one of the three copies. Bomb, sword and ice are equally effective, so your choice depends on what style of the game suits you.

But what copied ability to choose to defeat Gormondo?

Kirby Sword The ability allows him to chop and chop closer.
* The ability of the bomb allows him to quickly throw a few explosives, causing them to blame each other.

5+ Minutes of Kirby & The Forgotten Land Gameplay (All Copy Abilities & Mouthful Abilities)
* Ice gives Kirby increased speed, as it skates, and does not walk, and can blow with ice air.
* Please note that when you defeat Garmondo, you can challenge him again with Developed copy abilities . This means more powerful bombs, greater sword and ice shells.

When you enter the room to the right, you will see a giant evil gorilla, handing over the second floor window, and she will see you. Harmondo has five attacks. It will make a wide circle with one hand, which you can avoid, holding low above the ground. If you can not avoid this, try to use a good time jump and soar over the seal. Do not forget to release the air from the mouth of Kirby so that you can stop soaring too slow and run to avoid the next attack.

If you are far enough, Gorumino will target boulders in your direction and take away with you quite a lot of health if they fall. Damage, always running in one direction, then Inhale stars that fall from each boulder, and shoot them in Gormondo to apply the maximum damage . You can also stay next to this boss and cutting a sword, but watch it for hiking and jumping. Each pin and jump sends destructive shock waves on the ground. The last attack Garmondo is a crazy, crushing turn, which you should avoid, keeping at a distance.

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