What do you play this week

Another week ended, but there is no respite in the exit schedule. Gran Turismo 7 is now available on PlayStation consoles, and we honestly have trouble following all the benefits of the game.

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Sammy Barker, editor

Elden ring. That’s all.

Stephen Tailby, Deputy Editor

I would like to play Olliolli World, but I made the mistake of buying Elden Ring, like a fool. This weekend will probably be a mixture of both.

Liam Croft, Deputy Chief Editor

It’s the first weekend for a moment when I had no review on which to focus. Therefore, I finally plunge into Horizon Forbidden West.

Jamie O’Neill, Critic

My absurd gaming collection brain has left Team Sonic Racing take dust on the shelf, but I was captivated by its Team Adventure mode when it joined that of March 2022. PS PLUS LINE-UP So I kept the box in case the PS4 digital game would disappear in 20 years. Yet the Schrödinger Blu-ray will always eventually rot if I never break the seal of the box?

Phew, there have been a lot of games lately, is not it? What do you play this weekend? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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