Cyberpunk 2077: Thats how you come to the Mantissklingen

Already in the first teaser trailer for cyberpunk 2077 in 2013 they were the highlight: the mantisklingen, in the forearm built-in swords. You have your name from the worshipers whose Latin name is Mantis Religiosa.

In the world of **** cyberpunk 2077, in the technical modifications of the body like reinforced legs belong to everyday life, playing more often on enemies that carry the dreaded blades.

So that you can go to the fight and the Mantisklingen themselves can use, we reveal you in this guide, as you come to the popular cyberware.

Free localities are past

To release Cybepunk 2077 there were two ways to find the Mantissklingen in the open world of Night City. So you can collect one of the strongest weapons relatively early in the game.

However, after there were problems with the balance and the swords were not scaled properly with the level of players * inside, the Polish development team of CD Project Red has removed these two options with patches. Instead, you will find less unique melee weapons there.

More about the last big patch 1.5 is in this video:

That’s how you get the Mantis sounds

Patch 1.31 Exploit Update! | Unlimited Eddies + XP + Street Cred | Cyberpunk 2077 | 2022
In the current version 1.5, the mantissklingen can only be acquired against hard eddies at ripperdoc of your trust. There are the cyberware in three different versions for which you also need a lot of Street cred. Street cred is released from the experience level.

  • Rare Mantissklingen
  • Epic Mantissklingen
  • Legendary Mantissklingen

Rare Mantissklingen

The term “rare” may seem a bit misleading here. In fact, this is the “normal” execution of the forearm blades. You get it with every ordinary ripperdoc for up-to-date 12850 Eddies . In order to acquire you also have to show 20 Street Cred .

Epic Mantissklingen

The Mantissklingen in the “epic” version can be found on two specific Ripperdocs from Night City. They cost 20350 Eddies and are available from 25 Street Cred . Either you look for the greasy finger in the Jig-Jig-Street in Japantown or travels into the Badlands and let yourself be treated at the Ripperdoc of the Aldecados .

Legendary Mantissklingen

The legendary execution of the Mantisklingen is of course the best and deadliest option. Currently there is only one more opportunity to acquire these: at Ripperdoc in Heywood, Wellsprings . Fang early to save early, because the cyberware beats with 35350 Eddies properly to beech. In addition, your 45 Street Cred requires, so it comes only in the later game of the weapon.


Blades 1 blade 2


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That can be the Mantissklingen

The Mantissklingen not only look pretty cool, they prove to fight as extremely effective. They combine a lot of damage with a high attack pace and an elevated chance to mutilate opponents.

If you hold down the attack key, you can also run a mighty jump attack . With the right mods you buys at dealers in the game world and starts in the inventory, you can also carry out elementary damage and to light your adversary.

Effective skill: If you want to play the Mantisklingen effectively, you should distribute as many skill points as possible to “reflexes” and “constitution”. Especially under “reflexes” there are plenty of skills that make your build even more powerful. Have fun with it!

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