Naraka Bladepoint will welcome Justina GU, a new heroine, from March 11th

Today 24 Enttainment and Netease does not deviate from their line: After broadcasting a small teaser introducing this new character from Naraka: Bladepointau Month of January, Tandem offers us today a detailed presentation of JUSTINA GU’s competence, a heroin who will integrate the casting of the title on March 11 on the occasion of the next update of it.

Very big success for Netease Games, cash for the excellent results of the company published at the end of last month, Naraka: Bladepoint will logically continue to grow throughout this year. The first heroin of this exercise 2022 will be JUSTINA GU, a warrior to the vast repertoire of skills based on his mastery of the cold. Iced shield, Dash freelating opponents for a few seconds, devastating courses, “winter grace” does not lack arguments on the battlefield.

While waiting for his arrival at the casting of the game on March 11, you can already make you a first ideas of his style by viewing the presentation published by Today Entertainment and Netease Games.

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Video Tandem offers

Naraka BladePoint – JUSTINA GU Skills Presentation

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