WWE 2K22: Test only appears to Release & First Review

Wrestling fans from all over the world think back with gray to October 2019, because at that time the hopelessly bulged WWE 2K20. The title had serious technical problems and made some matches almost unplayable. Behind the scenes, it brooded during the development, so that the longtime studio Yuke’s exit and Visual Concepts and 2k with an unfinished, broken game died. After the release catastrophe, it promised to improve and took a lot of time to develop a successor that should lead the catch series to championship paths. Until shortly before release, everything looked for improvement. 2K and Visual Concepts gave themselves more transparent, announced a number of improvements and even the return of the GM mode demanded by fans for years, but it was a little strange.

In the recent preview to WWE 2K22, 2K clearly made its US partners, which were allowed to try several modes and even to record themselves. Europeans got only a stripped demo with exhibition matches and GM mode. That was annoying for the European Game Press, but of course did not look so much on the players. Now, to the test, it looks a bit different.

WWE 2K22: Test first to the release

  1. 1darum the test appears only to the release
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Endlich wieder gutes Wrestling? Preview zu WWE 2K22 | PREVIEW

That’s why the test appears only to the release

Actually, last Friday, March 4, we should receive a review version of WWE 2K22 (Buy Now € 99.99 / € 53.99). The test embargo should then fall at 12:00 on March 7th. This already caused a frown, after all, this is a damn short time to test a game with different extensive modes. Why should the trial come so late that we barely have time to test the game in detail? The Embargo appointment, on the other hand, showed sense, after all, pre-orderers of the Deluxe versions may already start with WWE 2K22 from the 8th of March. The whole thing became even more annoying.

First impressions from the review version

With such a short trial period, one is always skeptical anyway, whether the title is not might be disappointing, and as the sending of the review version also continued to delay, we expected almost with it, but again such a catastrophe as WWE 2K20 served to get. But: Pust cake! WWE 2K22 has some clearly recognizable quirks, such as some choppy animations, the spectator sound and some character models, but in about three hours we played last night, made us the game fun and we did not notice any bugs or glitches.

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WWE 2K22: Test only appears to Release & First Review Impressions (2) [Source: 2K Games]

What do you think about WWE 2K22 so far? Does the review behavior of 2K also make you suspicious? Is the wrestling title on your shopping list? Do you might even pre-ordered him? Or have you completely completed after the last part with the series? It betrays us in the comments.

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