NFL-News: Calvin Ridley for betting on NFL

Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver of the Atlanta Falcons, was closed at least until the end of the season 2022 at least until the end of the season, because he has bet on NFL games during the season 2021. This announced commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday.

According to the league, a study revealed that Ridley has not used insider information that no games were affected and that no coaches, teammates or other players from Ridley’s activities knew.

MASSIVE NFL News: Falcons WR Calvin Ridley SUSPENDED The Entire 2022 Season For Gambling On Games

The league also released a letter from Goodell to Ridley. “There is nothing more fundamental to the success of the NFL – and for the reputation of anyone associated with our league – as the preservation of the integrity of the game,” Goodell wrote. “This is the responsibility of every player, coaches, owners, game officials and every other league of the league. Their actions endangered the integrity of the game that damages public confidence in professional boatball and may undermine the reputation of their teammates throughout the NFL.”

Later on Monday, the Falcons gave his own explanation. “We learned about the study of the league for the first time on 9 February,” it said. “We have fully cooperated with the investigators since the receipt of the notification and support the results and measures of the league. We will continue in the 2022 season with the decision taken.”

The 27-year-old Ridley, a Second Team All-Pro in 2020, was the 26th total pick of the NFL Draft 2018 from Alabama. Last season, he only played five games for the Falcons and left the team on October 31 due to mental health problems.

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Ridley can apply for recovery in the team on 15 February 2023. He also has the right to appeal against the suspension.

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