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We are only a few weeks away from the release of Gearbox D & D Infunned Borderlands Spinoff Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. And before the game appears on consoles and PC, the studio has described the final game activity in detail that the players will expect after completing the main campaign: Chaos Chamber.

The mode designed as a random dungeon is divided into a 20- to 30-minute event, which leads them through three different rooms and asks them to shoot and plunder in classic borderland manner until the end.

But Gearbox has given this classic dungeon experience a touch of Roguelike Flair, as each room is randomly drawn from a set of 60 layouts, all of which can be composed in different ways. These rooms have up to three different types of enemies that can appear together with traps. At the end of each room you have the opportunity to take two portals that offer more crystals to earn (more right now), a buff by Queen Butt Stallion, new prey or a curse, which adds another challenging level to the gunplay of the game..

Huge End Game Content Revealed! Chaos Chamber Randomized Dungeons! (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands)
During a run through the chaos chamber, you can also collect blessing, which are stackable buffs that improve your skills such as movement speed and melee attack speed. However, curses weaken yourself and complicate the survival, such. As enemies that have increased damage and fire rates when they are nearby.

Crystals can be deserved if they complete spaces, meet attractions and find them in the world, and they affect how many rewards they receive at the end of a Chaos Chamber run. You can feed rabbit statues with crystals to get a piece of booty like a weapon or an amulet. However, they are not transmitted between runs, as a moon ball is granted at the end of each run, which acts as the main currency for the mode.

And as soon as you defeat the last boss and finished the run, you will receive a victory screen filled by statistics, which is filled with information about how many crystals you have collected, which curses you accepted and much more.

Hopefully we can, if we get in the game at the end of the month, expect an action-made experience, which will remain playable again and again, thanks to its sixty different level layouts and random roguelike elements.

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