Hunt: Showdown: They Came from Salem brings legendary weapons and more

THEY CAME FROM SALEM reveal: *NEW* WITCH HUNTER + 3 more skins! (HUNT: Showdown DLC Preview)
The DLC Hunt: Showdown They Came From Salem contains a legendary hunter, two legendary weapons and a legendary tool: The Witch Hunter, Witch Trial (Berthier Mle 1892 Deadeye), Sister’s Keeper (Nagant M1895 Officer) and Rooted Apothecary (First Aid Kit). About They Came from Salem: When she was a little girl, Circe ‘grandmother sat down with her and told her the story of the Elias family. She told Circe that there were many innocent victims in Salem, but that there was something like witches. They moved around in women skins and looking for whole cities. They lured young girls on their side, so that when their costumes with age were too loose, they always had something new to slip out. Circes grandmother told her that it was the task of the Elias family to find these witches and wipe out them, each one, until only rumors and ashes are left.

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