Open World “I am Jesus Christ” Beta Test Participant Recruitment Started. Now you can become a god for free

Publisher’s PLAYWAY and Developer SIMULAM started recruitment of beta test participants in the Christ Simulation Games “ I Am Jesus Christ ” on March 8. From the Steam page of Steam, you can apply by pressing “Request Access” button in “Participating in i Am Jesus Christ Playtest“. Of course, beta test participation is free.

“I Am Jesus Christ” is an open world game that has been inspired by the New Testament. From birth to baptism, crucifixion, and resurrection, you can experience the life of Jesus Christ. As a stage, many prominent holy places appear. Visit the various locations that appear in the Bible, such as Jerusalem and Galilly. In addition, various environments are available, such as deserts, watersides and mountains.

Christ can use 30 miracles. Using these abilities, for example, 5,000 people can cover the food and walk on water. In addition, it seems that you can use paranormal power, such as treating leprosy and visual interesting people who can not see eyes. The power of the Holy Spirit to make full use of Christ can be recovered by prayer.

The trailer also contains a scene of battle with Satan. In order to attract Satan at a distance, it is projected by inputting a key to cause energy wave. Although Satan can be automatically locked on, it seems that you need to be careful about the other party’s movement and sniper. In addition, there is also an element that emits laser from hand and attack Satan.

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Ten hours are assumed as game play, and the characters that appear exceed 60 people. Among them, Christ’s disciples are also included. You can also reproduce the famous “last dinner”, and it will be waiting for a story that faithful to the Bible.

“I Am Jesus Christ” announces production start in 2019. It became a talk from the sensational theme. A number of depictions that do not know whether to challenge religious themes in a straight ball, a serious or unfriendly or not knowing, have gathered user gaze. This work is also a cloud fandine implementation. However, the Collection of Kickstarter, which was said to be started during 2021, has not yet been started. It is “I am Jesus Christ” that two years have passed since the initials and the development is prolonged, but the developer Simulam reports the development status by YouTube. And this time it seems to have reached the beta test.

“I Am Jesus Christ” is scheduled to be released 2022 for PC at STeam. From Steam’s store page, we apply for free participation in beta tests.

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