Yoon, Jeong, Jang-eun, Renewable energy policy is also deployed

The Gangwon Candidate of Yoon Suk Hui was elected by the presidential election. Over the past five years, the government, the government, the government of Moon Jae-in, will be discarded in this election and turns to turn to the development of nuclear power plant. Especially, the Yun Jeong, who has emphasized the conversion of energy mixes with renewable energy sector and nuclear power, and the five years of the next five years is expected to change the energy conversion policy of Moon Jae-in and 180 degrees.

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Yun’s election has argued that he had to keep the nuclear power to be a must of the presidential runner. I visited the construction site of Gyeongbuk, Kwon, Kyungbuk, last December, “Sinhan Yul Wool 3, 4,” said Yun Seong-yu, “said the National Crime,” The Development Policy, and the legal justification of the democratic procedure, “he said.

When the Yun-jung, the runner was inaugurated, the operation of Shinhan Wool 3 and 4, which was suspended, is expected to rate the construction yen. Shinhan Wool 3, 4, which was scheduled to enter Gyeongbuk Uljin-gun, is held according to the current government’s depreciation of nuclear power plant.

The Yun Jeong, which is a lunar, is also a position to continue to drive the operating nuclear power to the safety of safety. Yun’s elected, the Mac Long, claimed to be the president of the President of the President of the French, “It is a global trend for nuclear power to reduce carbon.”

Currently, the nuclear power plant is operating in Korea. We are focusing on the center of gravity in predictions that the nuclear power plant, which is currently suspended, and the nuclear power,

It is also a idea to expand energy diplomacy through nuclear power plants as domestic nuclear power plant technology proved globally.

Depending on the receptitation of the Neighborhood, the national greenhouse gas reduction goal (NDC) is also likely to be modified. The official government has finally decided to reduce 40% compared to 2018 by 2050 to 2050 carbon neutral period.

On the other hand, Yun Jeong, a 40% of NDC, has been achieved that the NDC upcoming NDC has been high, and it has been achieved by the end of the industry. He will be able to review 2050 carbon neutral plans through opinions such as industry and academic research institutes. However, the seal will take somewhat to be somewhat until a concrete downward.

Problems with renewable energy management methods are the major energy policies that are different after the inauguration of Yun Elecious Line. The Yun Seon, who has been designed to design carbon neutrality that harmonizes renewable energy and nuclear power as part of the renewable energy strategy. This is the so-called ‘energy mix’ strategy. We plan to create 100,000 jobs through strengthening the Korea-US Nuclear Alliance and export of nuclear power plants.

The presence of the Ahn, Chul-soo, which is expected to declare a single penis, is also a factor in the Energy Mix strategy implementation. The representative has been planning to make nuclear power and renewable energy together with carbon neutrality in 2050. We will foster next-generation nuclear power plants, small modular reactors (SMR).

He also professed building a sophisticated energy mixed roadmap of ‘nuclear energy 35% + renewable energy 35% + 35% + renewable energy 35% + other energy 30%. It is a random to be the energy blueprint and the ark of the Yun Seon.

In addition, the representative is the main concern that the commitment that the Ministry of Industry will be able to reorganize the industry to “Industrial Resource Energy Ministry”. The representative argued that through the reorganization of the Buddha, it should focus on the industry and energy fusion strategy and maximize the effect.

Professor Credit Sewer Lanyol, who is in charge of Yoon Suk-yeok Camp Policy Subsidant, is a “energy mix, additional construction, NDC upward, such as” energy mix, nuclear power plant construction, NDC upward, etc. “Existing energy policies And the ancllations are scheduled to discuss after the launch of the acquisition. “

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