How to unlock fur chokobo in chocobo gp

Chocobo GP is an excellent game for Final Fantasy fans who want to relax, relax and have fun in races. The game has several different characters that you can unlock, passing the plot and spending Gil and tickets in the items store. Fur Chokobo is one of these unlocked characters. Learn how to unlock it below.

how to get fur chokobo in chocobo gp

After you finish Chapter Eighth, the first episode In the plot you will unlock the opportunity to add fur chokobo to your list. You must acquire Mecha Chocobo in the in-game store. Store A character will cost you 40 tickets which you probably will be quite a lot at this stage of the game.

You can access the store from the game Main menu . Just make sure you look under Ticket “ticket” when trying to buy fur Chokobo.

Chocobo GP - Final Boss / Final Race + Ending

Keep in mind that, like most characters in the game, you cannot unlock Fur Chokobo in Lightweight version games, as history does not develop further chapter, first act. If you need help getting tickets, click here to see our leadership.

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