How to unlock Madoon in Chocobo GP

There are a lot of favorite fans characters Final Fantasy to participate in races, as in Chocobo GP. Many of these characters will need to be unlocked on the plot or buy in the game store. Madoon is one of these characters, and if you want to unlock it, read the leadership below.

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How to get Madoon in Chocobo GP

To unlock Madoon, you will need to play in the scene mode of the game and execute Chapter Seventle , Series Second . As soon as it is done, you will unlock the opportunity to buy Maduin in the game. shop. Madoon will manage you 40 tickets, And you will not be able to play for it until you pay.

To get into the in-game store, you just need to go to the game page. Main menu And select the store button, after that just look under Ticket tab .

Keep in mind that Madoon, like most other characters, will not be available in Lightweight version games. If you need help in obtaining a sufficient number of tickets to buy Maduin, you can click here to familiarize yourself with our Ticket Guidelines.

To learn more about Chocobo GP, check out the section “How to perform tasks in Chocobo GP” here, in the game manuals for professionals!

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