Final Fantasy: fans hate lovers, modders still puts on it

The final fantasy community has something to suspend a modder on the cloud outfit. His answer to the criticism? The look of the androgyn protagonist still needs to be extra. The critic is probably not the critic, but it’s a fun reaction but it’s all.

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The scandals of the final fantasy characters overlook. After TAFA has made it comfortable in the Italian Senate a few weeks ago, Cloud is now too clear to the criticism.

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However, it is not about its normal clothing in the game, but a mod for PC players. Juijub is a well-known modder in the scene and decided recently, cloud a cool leather jacket and a scarce crop top admit.

The “problem” about it? You can see Cloud’s trained belly. That did not tasted some players, which is why comments quickly poured out, all of which had a request to the modder: “Please do a version that covers the stomach.” ** said, done.

In an update, Juijub clouds coincides naked skin – but with a tattoo that makes his design even attribute:

What a tattoo should that be?

If the tattoo reminds you of a classic “ass geway” , you are not so wrong. Also the heart under cloud’s belly button has a certain reputation and a common look.

This type of tattoo comes from the anime sector, or even from other Japanese media, as playing for adults. Actually, it should symbolize a ** berry nut, but it can – obviously – also be used by men.

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