Google Stadia: Supports the service soon

The once announced revolution of the game market did not start Google’s Game Streaming Service Stadia. For about two and a half years the service has been available and the user base is still manageable. Not least because of the fact that the game selection is still rather poor compared to PC and console. However, that could change in the near future. As the Verge reports, there is first evidence that Google makes his platform fit for playing Windows Games.

At least the program indicates a developer conference scheduled for 15 March 2022. There, Google wants to talk about the development of Windows emulators for the operating system Linux and introduce an in-house solution, running Windows games unmodified on Stadia. Linux forms the base for Google Stadia, which is why games studios have to spend their games developed for the PC for playback on the streaming service. This costs time, money and resources, many games do not even appear for the Google platform.

Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

Windows support integrated firmly in STADIA?

Over the years, Google has made its Linux servers more accessible to developers through collaborations with the operators of Unreal and Unity graphics routines, but the effort to implement games for Stadia is still considerable. If this hurdle is eliminated in the future, theoretically, each game developed for the PC could appear without additional effort on Stadia. That would clearly boost the attractiveness of the service.

However, an official announcement of such a step is still off. Also, it remains unclear how Google technically implements the support of Windows games on its Linux servers. Experts do not assume that an actual emulator is used because the emulated reproduction of games would burden the system resources more. Much more plausible it appears that Google has firmly anchored compatibility for Windows games in its server system. Similarly, it has made Valve with its proton technology, which, among other things, ensures that on the Linux-based Steam Deck running Windows games. Detailed announcements should follow in the context of the aforementioned developer conference.

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