With this TIFA Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7 you should not rely in the ring

Final Fantasy 7 fans know: where TIFA Lockhart suggests, there is no grass growing. Cloud’s childhood friend is not only very charming, but also extremely clever in the fight against Shinra soldiers and other disgusting adversaries. TIFA’s impressive combat spirit, but not only in the Japanese role-playing game, but also in this grandiose cosplay.

Final Fantasy 7's BEST Tifa Design?

This great TIFA cosplay is ready for a round training

The gifted costume tailor Sodokovair_Cosplay has not only brought the Final Fantasy 7 character to life more than convincingly through a successful costume, but embodies through its pose and the background TIFA to a particularly authentic style.

Already the outfit and the hair look like TIFen jumped directly from the flicklist in the real world and ready to send a few villains on the boards. The background is also very coherent: If TIFA is not busy with it, together with cloud and Barret to save the world, she certainly trains in such a martial sports hall.

The wide cosplay world is always worth a visit

If your fans of Final Fantasy 7 are and that cosplay has not enough, we not only have another wonderful version of TIFA Lockhart for you, but also this absolutely enchanting costumming of Aerith Gainsborough. Who still needs Cloud or Barret?

Other video game cosplays should not be pushed aside as well. For example, how much trouble is in costumes, these are these two grandiose aloy cosplays , one of them from Horizon Zero Dawn and one from Horizon Forbidden West. And at least as impressive is this almost intoxicating cosplay from 2b from Nier: Automata.

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